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BSc thesis proposals

1. Development of a scientific weather station for advanced wind resource assessment

Suitable: 1-2 stundets

What you will learn:

  • Design of embedded systems (hardware and software)
  • Design of communication protocols
  • Basics of meterological instrumentation


The aim of the work is to design a simple scientific weather station in a cost-efficient way. You will work with state of the art sensors. The meteorological measurements are executed simultaneously at various heights. The challenge here is to synchronize the measurements (some sensors work at 32 Hz, others at only 1 Hz, still others at once per hour), guarantee the continuity of the measurement process for at least one year without interruption given the limited power accessibility. The measurements shall be shared wirelessly and placed into a database.
The BSc thesis shall conclude a working product, short description of the hardware and software system.

Required skills

  • handyman skills, signal processing and programming